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About us

Our history since 1968
The Finotti & C. Rollcontainers Metal Carpentry

Leaders in Italy since more than 40 years in the production of free-service trolleys. The factory occupies a surface of 4.500 mq – the working surface is covered.
The firm – after too many years - has developed its own experience in many different fields of the MEDIUM-HEAVY carpentry by granting adequate solutions for any kind of need, able to solve all the problems joined to the realization of different products. By staring from the customer demand, Finotty & C. Rollcontainer Factory ensures a complete service: from the realization of its products to the finishing touches, the assembling, the painting process, till the final delivery of the product with its own means of transport.
Specialized since 1968 in the production of ROLLCONTAINERS and TROLLEYS FOR THE GOOD CARRYING, FINOTTI & C. is able to realize extremely complicated products for any kind of industrial field. Its other main activity is the production and selling of equipments for the Public Administrations, in particular the production of barriers, electoral boards, urban furniture, cemetery furniture.

The machines present in the factory offer customers a complete and high quality service

The technical office makes projects and develops the equipments to be produced in direct synergy with the operators of the field, follows the planning of the production itself in collaboration with the checking responsible, verifies the technical features and the correspondence to the current safety rules.

The production sector is divided into many different areas where the production takes place; these areas are: the cutting area, the welding area, the grinding area, and the assembling area. The painting process is followed by a specialized factory just to get equipments very resistant to the weather agents, too.

The quality checking area: in collaboration with the technical office responsible, it analyzes and tests the different equipments.